Infrared Thermography for Building and Roofing Systems

Check out The Art and Science of Infrared Building Diagnostics.

IBD uses infrared thermography, nuclear neutron thermalization and capacitance moisture detection; technologies to locate unseen conditions and problems in roofing, exterior walls and other building envelope systems.  Non-destructive testing is more cost effective and has less impact on daily operations.

IBD focuses on finding the small problems while they are still small and inexpensive to remedy.  Locating the minor repair before it becomes a costly repair and reducing operating costs to improve return on investment.  Inspection of good roofing and good building systems is key to lowering operating costs and providing the greatest return on investment

IBD offers roof maintenance consulting services aimed at extending the life cycle and reducing the long term costs of building operation.  The true cost of maintenance is zero dollars and the only way to achieve the zero cost is thru routine inspection of all building assets.  The building and roofing assets can be the most costly to repair and/or replace and they are often overlooked as where the greatest savings can be achieved.

IBD is based in Winchester, Kentucky with services provided nationwide.