Capacitance Roof Moisture Inspections

Capacitance roof moisture meters can be used to trace leaks or perform a complete roof moisture inspection.

Positive reading next to an obvious hole in the roof membrane.

Tracing leaks is accomplished by taking readings in the problem area, noting the positive readings and their level and looking for the highest readings which often indicates the source.

Pegged reading and paint mark to indicate the positive reading.

Full roof moisture inspections are performed by taking readings on a grid pattern over the entire roof.  When a positive reading is found, additional readings are made in each direction until a negative reading indicates dry material.

Wet area located and defined using the capacitance roof moisture meter.


Find the Cold Air at the Source

Do you have any cold locations in your home, office or other building.  Sometimes it’s easy to find the source when you can feel the air around a door, window or wall outlet.  Other times, it’s not so obvious and that’s when we may be able to help.

This first image is showing cool trails from where cold outside air is flowing in under a baseboard.  You could probably find a problem like this feeling along the floor with you hands.  The infrared camera makes it quick and easy to locate and show the extent of the problem visually .

infrared thermogram air leak
Air leak under baseboard of wall.


This second image shows one cool stud space above the window and indicates missing insulation.  You would not feel air flow, but might feel the cold from this cool spot on the wall and it could feel like a cold draft of air.  These are the elusive type of problem which are hard to find without using an infrared camera.

Missing insulation above window
Missing insulation above window


This third image is a similar problem to the first and shows air flow under a window sill.  You might find this by feeling around the window with your hands, but may mistake it for air entry around the electrical boxes.

Air infiltration under a window sill.
Air infiltration under a window sill.

Trace Leaks to the Source

IBD can use several non-destructive ways to trace leaks to their source.  See below or download Trace Leaks to the Source.


Leak source located at vent pipe using infrared .
Two leaks located on ballasted EPDM roof using infrared
Area of wet insulation as seen from below a metal deck on an EPDM roof.
Locating where leak reaches the metal deck using infrared.
Active leaks at fasteners on a metal roof using infrared.
Leak traced to vent pipe using a capacitance roof moisture meter.