IBD Consulting Services

IBD provides Quality services to improve any roofing maintenance programs. Whether the need is short term to troubleshoot a single major problem or long term to lower operating costs, IBD has the knowledge and expertise.

Roof Maintenance

IBD  can access the condition of the roof systems and provide good information to building owners or managers to:

  • Determine current problem sources.
  • Estimate remaining life.
  • Develop inspection schedule including type, frequency and scope.
  • When the proper maintenance is performed, the lowest operating costs are achieved.

Short Term Projects

  • Troubleshooting major roof leaks or other moisture problems.
  • Solving minor but evasive leak problems.
  • Locating hidden moisture in specific areas.
  • Locating energy loss in specific areas.

Long Term Projects

  • Setting up roof system preventative maintenance programs that can be performed by on site personnel.
  • Training on site personnel to perform routine preventative maintenance.
  • Scheduling preventative maintenance inspections based on the systems in place.